Talend data quality

Overview of Talend Data Quality Service

What is Data quality ?

Data quality refers to the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of the data. It is more than simply ensuring data is structured correctly. Traditional Data quality software is manual oriented and lack the next gen capabilities of rapidly evolving data environments.

New Data quality capabilities are emerging in the industry that are utilizing the AI/ML automation for data profiling, data classification, data cleansing, data enrichment and remediation.

What is Talend Data Quality Service ?

Talend Data Quality Service (DQS) is a managed cloud data quality service that helps you continuously monitor and assess the quality of the data flowing through your business.

Talend has multiple Data products – Talend Data Fabric, Talend Data Catalog , Talend Data Prep and Talend Open studio . Together, these products supports data integration and metadata management functions.

Talend Data quality Service (DQS) is also utilizing AI for Data quality tasks automation such as Data Cleansing , Data Parsing and applying Data quality Standards of your organization.

What are Talend Data quality Service Capabilities ?

Following are few Talend Data quality service capabilities

  1. Integration with variety of Data sources. This includes on-prem, data lakes, data warehouses, streaming data sources of multiple data formats.
  2. Supports Cloud and on-prem deployments.
  3. Supports Data profiling – Both Data in Place and Data in Flight.
  4. Provides Visualization dashboards for Data quality profiling metrics.
  5. Provides Remediation and Enrichment capabilities. Provides Data cleansing, Parsing and Remediation capabilities.
  6. Supports Data Monitoring for data with ability to create monitoring rules, trigger alerts.
  7. Provides ability to define, assess and Validate the rules.