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Overview of Databricks notebook

Databricks notebook is a web based interface similar to Jupyter notebooks to provide users ability to develop, execute and visualize the code and its results.

Users can create, rename, update & delete the notebooks.

Create Databricks notebook

  1. In the Databricks workspace, click on “New Notebook” as shown below
Databricks Notebook
  1. Input the notebook name and select the language of your choice. Notebook will support Python, Scala, SQL & R
Databricks Create notebook
  1. Notebook will open as shown below, Enter a python command and click on “Run Cell” command as shown below
Databricks Notebook UI

Delete a Notebook

From the workspace Home, select the notebook to be deleted and perform “Move to Trash” as shown below

Databricks Delete Notebook

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Databricks Notebooks Features

Databricks Notebooks provides the following additional features too


In the notebooks, Databricks supports various types of visualizations out of the box using the display and displayHTML functions.

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Dashboards allow you to publish graphs and visualizations derived from notebook output and share them in a presentation format with your organization.

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Input widgets allow you to add parameters to your notebooks and dashboards. The widget API consists of calls to create various types of input widgets, remove them, and get bound values.

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