AWS Redshift Pricing/Cost

Overview of AWS Redshift Pricing

Amazon(AWS) Redshift Pricing/Cost varies depending on type of Redshift Cluster. AWS Redshift offers different node types depending on workloads. Following are the multiple types of Redshift Clusters


RA3 nodes with managed storage . Ideal for large workloads with large storage growth requirements. Compute and Storage is decoupled . You can Pause and Start the Compute and pay only during Cluster up time. Following is Pricing for 4 node Redshift cluster with ra3.4xlarge node type and 1 TB of Storage. Leader node is not charged

On Demand Pricing


Node TypeNumberInstance TypePer Hour($)Per Month($)


Storage (TB)Per GB($)Per Month($)
AWS Redshift Pricing – On Demand

Reserved Pricing (3 yr commitment with full upfront)


Node TypeNumberInstance TypePer Hour($)Per Month($)


Storage (TB)Per GB($)Per Month($)
AWS Redshift Pricing – Reserved

Redshift Spectrum Pricing

With Redshift Spectrum, you can query on already existing S3 data files utilizing Spectrum nodes. You are charged for number of bytes scanned, rounded to the next MB with 10 MB minimum per query. Charges are $5 per TB of data Scanned.

For a S3 file with 10 TB of storage, running a query against this data file table will cost around , $5×10=$50. To reduce the costs, Implement compression which can cut down costs by around 60 to 70% depending on compression type.

Redshift Spectrum requires Redshift cluster to query the data and will get charged for the usage of Redshift cluster. Redshift Spectrum queries data directly in Amazon S3. You are charged standard S3 rates for storing objects in your S3 buckets, and for requests made against your S3 buckets. 

With Amazon Redshift Serverless, there is no longer separate charge for Redshift Spectrum. It will be part of Amazon Redshift serverless cost measured in RPUs

Redshift Machine Learning (ML) Pricing

Redshift Machine Learning (ML) Pricing/Cost is based on the following components

  1. Training Cost – When you run CREATE MODEL statements, Amazon Redshift uses Amazon SageMaker for training. Therefore, there is an associated cost for training your model. This is a separate line item for Amazon SageMaker in your AWS bill. Its charged based on number of cells consumption
Number of cellsPrice
First 10M cells$20 per million cells
Next 90M cells$15 per million cells
Over 100M cells$7 per million cells
Redshift ML Pricing
  1. Storage Cost – You also pay for the storage used in Amazon S3 for storing your training data. 
  2. Inference Cost – Redshift ML provides model prediction capabilities as part of the query. Prediction functions that runs on Redshift cluster doesn’t incur additional charges.


Apart from above charges depending on your workload type, there can be additional charges for backup storage and data transfer.

You can also utilize AWS Redshift Pricing Calculator –