AWS Glue Pricing

Learn about AWS Glue Pricing, Cost

AWS Glue Pricing/Cost varies depending on the usage of multiple AWS Glue Components. For more information about AWS Glue , check out post –

Glue Pricing is calculated in DPUs.  A single Data Processing Unit (DPU) provides 4 vCPU and 16 GB of memory.

More details found below for each component.

AWS Glue Crawlers Pricing, Cost

There is an hourly rate for AWS Glue crawler runtime to discover data and populate the AWS Glue Data Catalog. $0.44 per DPU-Hour, billed per second, with a 10-minute minimum per crawler run

For Example , to process 10 hours of Crawling time every day , it will take around 10x$0.44*30=$13.2 per month

AWS Glue Data Catalog Pricing, Cost

With the AWS Glue Data Catalog, you can store up to a million objects for free. If you store more than a million objects, you will be charged $1.00 per 100,000 objects over a million, per month. 

The first million access requests to the AWS Glue Data Catalog per month are free. If you exceed a million requests in a month, you will be charged $1.00 per million requests over the first million. 

For Example, if you have 10 million objects, You will pay around $1x10x10=$100 per month for storage.

AWS Glue ETL Jobs Pricing, Cost

With AWS Glue, you only pay for the time your ETL job takes to run. 

There are three types of jobs in AWS Glue: Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, and Python shell.

An Apache Spark job run in AWS Glue requires a minimum of 2 DPUs. By default, AWS Glue allocates 10 DPUs to each Apache Spark job.

An AWS Glue job of type Spark Streaming requires a minimum of 2 DPUs. By default, AWS Glue allocates 5 DPUs to each Spark Streaming job.

An AWS Glue job of type Python shell can be allocated either 1 DPU or 0.0625 DPU. By default, AWS Glue allocates 0.0625 DPU to each Python shell job.

For example , 1 Apache Spark job, will be charged by default 10x$0.44=$4.4 Per hour

1 Spark Streaming job, will be charged by default 5x$0.44=$2.2 Per hour

1 Python Job, will be charged by default 1x$0.44=$0.44 per hour

AWS Glue Development Endpoints Pricing, Cost

AWS Glue can create an environment—known as a development endpoint—that you can use to iteratively develop and test your extract, transform, and load (ETL) scripts.

An AWS Glue development endpoint requires a minimum of 2 DPUs. By default, AWS Glue allocates 5 DPUs to each development endpoint.

For example, 1 Development endpoint will cost by default around 5*$0.44=$2.2 per hour

AWS Glue DataBrew Interactive Sessions Pricing, Cost

A session is initiated when you open a DataBrew project. You are billed for the total number of the sessions used. Each session is 30 minutes.

Pricing is $1.00 per session. For example, for 2 sessions , it will cost around 2x$1=$2 per hour

AWS Glue DataBrew jobs Pricing, Cost

You are charged an hourly rate based on the number of the AWS Glue DataBrew nodes used to run your job. By default, AWS Glue DataBrew allocates 5 nodes to each job. 

A single AWS Glue DataBrew node provides 4 vCPU and 16 GB of memory. 

If an AWS Glue DataBrew job runs for 10 minutes and consumes 6 AWS Glue DataBrew nodes, the price for 1 node-hour is $0.48. Because your job ran for 1/6th of an hour and consumed 6 nodes, you will be billed 6 nodes * 1/6 hour at $0.48 per node hour or $0.48.

AWS Glue Elastic Views Pricing, Cost

AWS Glue Elastic Views makes it easy to build materialized views that combine and replicate data across multiple data stores without you having to write custom code. 

AWS Glue Elastic Views charges based on the amount of resources (for example, compute, memory, network, and IO) consumed to process data for your views. 


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